GUIDE: Pay straight from your BDO accounts with BDO Pay App as easy as 1-2 tap!

BDO Pay, BDO’s new mobile wallet, makes everyday payments quick, easy, and fun! Send and Request Money, Pay Bills, Scan to Pay, and Split Bills – straight from your BDO accounts. No cash-in, no-hassle, with more to come in the future! With BDO Pay App, it makes quick and easy payments using your phone.

GUIDE: Pay straight from your BDO accounts with BDO Pay as easy as 1-2 tap! | CebuFinest

GUIDE: Pay straight from your BDO accounts with BDO Pay App as easy as 1-2 tap!

The Philippines is among the countries in Southeast Asia seeing sustained growth in mobile payment transactions. In 2020, the number of mobile wallet users in the country reached 24.6 million, with forecast figures reaching as much as 75.5 million in 2025.1 As of the first quarter of 2021, Diokno said there were around 53 percent of adult Filipinos who had electronic money (e-money) accounts, higher than the 29 percent in 2019.

If you are a BDO Savings Account and Checking Account holder, and a BDO Credit Card principal cardholder2 can sign up for BDO Pay. To sign up, you need an existing BDO Digital Banking account. Just sign in with your BDO Digital Banking Username and Password, and proceed with setting up your account.

Send Money for FREE to BDO accounts

You can now send money to any BDO account using your BDO Pay. Use a BDO Pay account, or link your BDO Savings account, or Checking account as a source account for Send Money transactions. You can even do Send Money through the BDO Pay app if you’re abroad as long as you have successfully signed up for a BDO Pay account.

Send Money to other banks and mobile wallets via InstaPay

With a few taps on your BDO Pay app, you can also send money to banks outside BDO. You can also send money to third-party mobile wallet accounts. The receiver should get your Send Money via InstaPay in real-time. You will also get notified via a success screen message with the name of the bank or mobile wallet, account number, and account holder’s name that you sent your money. Each InstaPay transaction is ₱25.00.

Pay Bills wherever, whenever!

Pay Bills safely from the comfort of your home with BDO Pay. No need to enroll billers – just enter your bill details and hit Pay! Your payment will reflect in the biller’s account within three (3) banking days. You can even save your favorite billers for faster payments in the future, and find new billers added every week3.

Scan to Pay and skip the cash

Paying online sellers and physical merchants is as easy as 1-2 tap when you upload their BDO Pay QR or scan it in-store! No need to pull out paper bills from your wallet or swipe your credit card on the reader. Not only that your transactions are contactless and reflected in real-time, but you will also earn points if you use your credit card as the source account for your transaction.

Split Bills with BDO Pay!

Divide group bills with up to five other people, and request money in one tap. You can split the bills with any BDO Account (BDO Pay, Checking, and Savings Account), except BDO Credit Cards. No need to count cash or find change.

Request Money like a pro

Request Money digitally and easily with BDO Pay Request Money. You can send a request like you’re just sending a text message or request your own QR from the BDO Pay app. You can choose if you want to create a QR code with or without a specific amount. Once your QR4 is ready, you can save it or share it so people can Scan to Pay you.

BDO Pay - Link all your BDO Accounts for easier payments | CebuFinest
Paying from your BDO accounts is as easy as 1-2 tap with you link them to BDO Pay!

BDO Digital Banking App vs. BDO Pay App

What is the difference between the BDO Digital Banking app and the BDO Pay app?

BDO Digital Banking App

BDO Digital Banking helps you grow your wealth while managing your BDO accounts. It is ideal to use this app if you need to:

  • Request for checkbooks
  • Invest Online
  • Check the balance of each of your BDO accounts like Savings Account, Time Deposits, and even BDO loans

BDO Pay App

Use this app if you need to:

  • Send Money to another BDO Account
  • Sent Money to another bank or third-party mobile wallet
  • Pay Bills
  • Scan to Pay via QR
  • Request Money

Sign up now and Pay from your BDO accounts with the BDO Pay App!

Learn how to sign up using your BDO Digital Banking username and password – or find out how to sign up when you don’t have Digital Banking yet!

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Learn more about the app that makes payments as easy as 1-2 tap! For more details on BDO Pay, visit the BDO Pay Page at today. To know more, visit the FAQ Page.

Paying from your BDO accounts is indeed as easy as 1-2 tap when you link them to BDO Pay! Download the official app for FREE on Google Play, App Store, and AppGallery.


  1. Mobile wallet users Philippines 2020-2025; Published by Statista Research Department, November 3, 2021.
  2. BDO is working on making BDO Pay available for supplementary cardholders soon.
  3. You can only pay billers listed on the app. BDO is working on making more billers available.
  4. QR codes that are generated for Request via QR can be used multiple times and will not expire.
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