Ian Veneracion visits Cebu for “Puti” movie promotions

Filipino television and film actor, Ian Veneracion, will be in Cebu City on September 2, 2017, Saturday, to promote his movie, “Puti”, both written and directed by Mike Alcazaren.

Ian Veneracion visits Cebu for "Puti" movie promotions | Cebu Finest
Ian Veneracion stars on a psychological thriller, “Puti” [Photo credit: waytogo.cebupacificair.com]

Ian Veneracion and “Puti”

Meet Ian Veneracion on Saturday, September 2, 2017, at 6 PM at the Skypark of SM Seaside City Cebu to promote his movie, “Puti”. Film director, Mike Alcazaren, will also be there during the event.

The movie, “Puti” is a 2012 psychological thriller about a counterfeit painter, Amir (played by Ian), who figures in a freak car accident that renders him color blind and strange things begin to happen to him after. The movie also stars Lauren Young and Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Ian Veneracion visits Cebu for "Puti" movie promotions | Cebu Finest
Ian Veneracion as Amir on his film, “Puti” [Photo credit: gmanetwork.com]
Ian Veneracion visits Cebu for "Puti" movie promotions | Cebu Finest
Ian with “Puti” director, Mike Alcazaren [Photo credit: Cebu Literary Festival on Facebook]

The movie promotional event is in collaboration with the working organizers of the Cebu Literary Festival.

“Puti” opens September 8, 2017, on selected SM Cinemas nationwide.

For more details about the movie, join the Official Pelikula Puti on Facebook. Also, join the Cebu Literary Festival Facebook Page for further information about the event.

About Puti and plot

“Puti” is written and directed by Miguel Alcazaren and was part of the first CineFilipino Film Festival. It won Best Cinematography for Robert Yñiguez, Best Production Design for Rious Caliso, and Best Sound for Mark Laccay in the first CineFilipino Awards.

Ian Veneracion visits Cebu for "Puti" movie promotions | Cebu Finest

Amir lives like a recluse with his young son Jaime. His beloved wife died a few years ago and the rest of his family lives abroad. His social interactions are limited to his young assistant Nika and his dealer, who sells his forged paintings to rich buyers.

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There’s not a lot of joy in his life. Then Amir and his son are involved in a car crash. He wakes up in a hospital and discovers that he’s color blind. His son lies in a coma. To pay for Jaime’s treatment, Amir has to continue working, which is anything but easy with his condition. The blind woman whose eyes were gouged out by her mother when she was a child and whom he painted just before the accident, starts appearing everywhere. Birds fly out of his canvasses, his paintings show things that weren’t there before and in the hospital, a mysterious nurse keeps reading the same story to Jaime.

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