Explore 360 Travel Photography Workshop in Cebu

With heat soaring more than ever, it is easy to cancel plans and just remain in the comfort of shade and air-conditioning. But what if we tell you there is an adventure just around the corner that brings together people of awesome talent for one night in a place tucked away in the cool serenity of the mountains? Explore 360 will give you just that.

Explore 360 Travel Photography Workshop in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Explore 360 is a start-up online community of explorers in Cebu City. Promoting local travel and culture, they have taken this a notch higher as they have partnered with Air Asia to bring you the pilot project, the Travel Photography Workshop on April 30 – May 1, 2016. They want to share to budding explorers the secrets of making travel photos more memorable even with just a portable digital camera or a smartphone camera. And who else are best suited to teach us this than Instagram mavens Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja!

This duo both shifted to photography and their mutual love for travel and exploration has long since propelled them to the pinnacle of landscape photography with over fifteen thousand followers each. But of course, a travel photography workshop won’t be complete without travel! Not only will we be learning the basics of travel photography, Explore 360 will also be embarking on an actual adventure.

Explore 360 Travel Photography Workshop in Cebu | Cebu Finest
Kimi Juan and Thomas Caja for the Explore 360 Travel Photography Workshop [Photo credit: Explore 360 on Facebook]

After the workshop in the tranquility of Springpark Mountain Resort, the workshop participants will then make their way to DENR’s Experimental Forest where they will be immersed in the beauty of towering trees and exciting caves. After about four hours of combined adventure and photography, they will cap it off with a relaxing night of film showing and sharing of travel stories. On the following morning, Kimi and Thomas will then choose among the presentation of photos and award the one they find best.

You have two of the top travel photographers letting you in on their travel photography secrets, a guaranteed safe and all-inclusive accommodation tucked away from the city’s heat, a film showing, a traversing on forests and caves, and not to mention, new friends, and a whole new experience to bring with you back in the city! If one night of all these awesome vibes doesn’t lure you out from your mundane comfort, Explore 360 doesn’t know what else will.

Hurry and avail the early bird promo of only ₱1,950 until April 16. Beyond that is the regular fee of ₱ 2,500. Best to reserve now as slots are limited!

Explore 360 Travel Photography Workshop in Cebu | Cebu Finest

Click this link to get your registration form.

For more information, visit the Official Explore 360 Facebook Page and Instagram.

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