October 31, 2016 is a special non-working holiday in the Philippines

Following the October 29 and 30 weekend, the month-end will definitely be a longer weekend before November enters the year. Declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 1105, s. 2015, October 31, 2016 is an additional special non-working holiday.

October 31, 2016 is a special non-working holiday | Cebu Finest
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October 31 and other Philippine holidays in 2016

Here is the complete list of dates that are declared holiday for this year:

January 1, 2016, Friday – New Year’s Day (Regular holiday)
January 2, 2016, Saturday – Additional special non-working day

February 8, 2016, Monday – Chinese New Year (Special non-working day)
February 25, 2016 – EDSA People Power Revolution (Special non-working day by virtue of Proclamation No. 1071, s. 2015)

March 24, 2016 – Maundy Thursday (Regular holiday)
March 25, 2016 – Good Friday (Regular holiday)
March 26, 2016 – Black Saturday (Special non-working day)

April 9, 2016, Saturday – Araw ng Kagitingan (Regular holiday)

May 1, 2016, Sunday – Labor Day (Regular holiday)
May 9, 2016, Monday – The national and local elections (special public non-working holiday by virtue of Proclamation No. 1254, s. 2016)

June 12, 2016, Sunday – Independence Day (Regular holiday)

August 21, 2016, Sunday – Ninoy Aquino Day (Special non-working day)
August 29, 2016, Monday – National Heroes Day (Regular holiday)

October 31, 2016, Monday – Additional special non-working day

November 1, 2016, Tuesday – All Saints Day (Special non-working day)
November 30, 2016, Wednesday – Bonifacio Day (Regular holiday)

December 24, 2016, Saturday – Additional special non-working day
December 25, 2016, Sunday – Christmas Day (Regular holiday)
December 30, 2016, Friday – Rizal Day (Regular holiday)
December 31, 2016, Saturday – Additional special non-working day

Longer weekend in October

Since October 29 and 30 fall on Saturday and Sunday, and the 31st is already declared a special non-working holiday, the first day of the month of November is also a special non-working holiday in celebration of the All Saints Day.

However, same as last year, there is no announcement yet from the Malacañan Palace about declaring November 2 a holiday.

To know more about the list of Philippine holidays in 2016 and declaring October 31 as an additional special non-working holiday, read an article about the Proclamation No. 1105, s. 2015 from the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines website.

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