What is Gadget Protect and how can this help owners with their smartphones?

Moneymax, an online comparison platform for financial products, launched Gadget Protect, the country’s first fully digital gadget protection program early last year. In its partnership with AmTrust Mobile Solutions, the two companies both aim to provide affordable and accessible mobile solutions in the Philippines.

What is Gadget Protect and how can MoneyMax help with your smartphones? | CebuFinest

What is Gadget Protect and how can this help owners with their smartphones?

Nowadays, smartphones are more of an investment than a device. Phones have become so valuable that Filipinos consider them a necessity in their daily lives. Because of this need, Moneymax partnered with AmTrust Mobile Solutions to provide peace of mind to every smartphone owner. Gadget Protect covers all types of smartphones damaged by liquids and accidental drop. For as low as ₱389, it’s easy to protect one’s self from the expensive costs that come with a broken smartphone.

Apart from affordability, it highlights a convenient buying and claiming process that clients can do all online. AmTrust believes in seamless and solutions and with Moneymax’s expertise in making financial products accessible online, smartphone owners can now protect their devices without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Gadget Protect has value-added services that most insurance plans simply don’t have. With the Repair and Replacement Program, you can have your damaged phone repaired by accredited repair shops. If the damage is irreparable, Gadget Protect will replace the phone with no additional charges.

With most phone insurance plans offered by others, they require you to go to their nearest branch and apply there. In fact, you can have your device protected in just a few clicks with this digital gadget protection program. Just follow the easy steps to get you started from the Moneymax’s Gadget Protect website.

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Smartphone owners can now financially protect themselves from the costs that come with a damaged smartphone. Click this link to learn more about Gadget Protect and how can it help you save your smartphones.

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