Ways To Keep Fit Amidst Quarantine

Let’s face it, being under quarantine is not a fun time. You might be stuck at home, feeling unmotivated because you can’t get out freely to go to the gym. There are still many ways to stay fit during self-isolation and social distancing and it is very important to keep your muscles moving regularly instead of sitting around doing nothing all day.

Ways To Keep Fit Amidst Quarantine | Cebu Finest

Ways To Keep Fit Amidst Quarantine

Here are a few suggestions that will help you stay active:

1) Yoga

One of the easiest ways to stay fit while stuck at home is by doing yoga. You can do this in the confines of your house or apartment, with minimal equipment. You’ll need a mat, yoga pants, phone, and water. The mat is to ease the stress of hard flooring. However, yoga pants provide you with comfort and a full range of motion. They are also multi-purpose and are perfect for all the other activities that will be covered for keeping fit. Water is key for all activities for hydration, and your phone or laptop to find some online instructions. Yoga is a great way to start your day, can act as a stand-alone exercise or supplement more demanding workouts.

2) Running

Just because you are under quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t get your run in. If you are living in a property home with a backyard, you can easily get your cardio exercise. Even doing a quick run around the block is a good way to stick to your running routine. If you can’t get out of the house, dedicate some time during your day to walk around your home at a quicker pace or rate to get your muscles moving.

Ways To Keep Fit Amidst Quarantine | Cebu Finest

3) Home Gym/Exercise

Aside from yoga and other stretching exercises, you can definitely still get a more vigorous workout done at home. If you have equipment like weights, bands, jump ropes or anything similar, you’re already perfectly set up to have your own home gym. Otherwise, you can stick to plyometrics and use your own body weight to create an exercise routine. This can involve pushups, sit-ups, lunges, jumping jacks. This should keep you in shape and ready to go whenever you can get back to the gym.

4) Better Eating

Being fit isn’t about just the workouts you do, it also involves the diet that you are on and what foods you consume. Being stuck at home means you don’t have the opportunity to eat out as often so you don’t have as many temptations to break your diet. By staying home, you are forced to cook more meals and can determine exactly what goes into your food. Incorporate a balanced and healthy diet that includes important proteins, vegetables, and fruits.

Ways To Keep Fit Amidst Quarantine | Cebu Finest

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Being quarantined and stuck at home can make you feel like you are helpless during this time. It is important to stay active and fit because not only will your body feel the benefits of regular exercise, but developing a routine around healthy living can give you a sense of normalcy during this trying time. It may be tough to start at first, but you’ll soon find it easy to stick to a daily routine, even if you are at home practicing safe social distancing.

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